Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brexit: the only way to apply brakes on immigration into Britian.

Some say patriotism and nationalism is wrong; perhaps it is but we live in a overpopulated world. Survival means deciding who to save and who to let parish.  We will not tolerate other dictating to us what we "should" believe.  Why should we care if the brown religious hordes are reproducing like rabbits and killing each other off. The few flee in front of the insanity of religions. Why should we let them into our country, which is already overpopulated? Perhaps the government needs to answer that question first? Canada has the same problem but to a smaller extent. But we whites took this land from the brown people... but never eliminated them... nor enslaved them... because they made poor slaves. Oh well, that was then, and now is now. And now we are letting a new group of browns in to take over this land, and they will unless someone develops the political balls to stop them...

All religions are not rational. They are belief based. Science and evidence, truth, and reason, these are real. Science is seldom wrong, some people jump to erroneous or wrong conclusions, or theory's to justify the observations...and in the end the group that grows faster will have the most people...

Perhaps the first question we should ask is what religion are you? If it is anything beside atheist in some form, then they are not rational or have never given the question any deep thought more likely (Socrates unexamined life) , or are holding on to religion so as to not disappoint parents, for those who believe family has value... all not good way to live but... oh well in the end we all just die anyway.

It does not matter anyways for me, it will all come to a head in the next generations time. It will be interesting time they live in, just as we have seen the electronic age, computer, internet, cell phones, in our time. I grew up harnessing work horses, and now self driving cars are around, or so I am told. But do we trust them; there was one "failure to recognize" the side of a truck and that killed the operator, (not driver for he was not driving). Perhaps we are too eager to adopt new technology. Anyways, the next generations will have there own issues.  

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