Friday, July 22, 2016

And it's Friday again

This week has gone fast, but then I have been fixing again. The sociopath bitch which I had rented a house to moved out. When I rented it to her I did not realize she was a sociopath. Oh well, education costs money.

The third Thursday of the month is Secular Humanist meetup. A whole new bunch for me again, well only two that I recognized. There is a shortage of history as far as knowing how culture and religion developed. Sapiens. We evolved, and went through the cognitive revolution 70k years ago (tasted the fruit of knowledge). Each generation is a copy of the previous with small genetic changes and long epigenetic switches included. We went through the agricultural revolution, domestication of animals, development of transportation industry, trade systems, development of money and the bank systems, industrial revolution with coal and steam, and into the electrical era.  On to electronics, the communications to the information age. Now what?

Faith was needed for quick learning, the smart will learn understanding. Well now we are seeing the down side of faith based education, the reluctance, even fear, to apply reasoning, physics and mathematics to life. We need to return to reason based learning... scientific method... well sort of. Truth. there is what we know to be true by reason, what we believe to be true, what we are uncertain of, that which is likely false, and what we know to be false, even if it is impossible to prove false.

I am not going to allow myself to be drawn back into the religion myth and debate from there. I have abandoned those myths.  Others at the meetup have not yet abandoned the myth, but are struggling for footing within the myth. The foothold is just not there. To grow, we must abandon the myth, clean all the old myth thinking out, and rebuild from there. Each lurch forward, in a ratchet style, something like the under ice fish net dragger, is more like how we change our beliefs. Once we get set on a path, we may start moving quite quickly, on a line. It may be s struggle to not get drawn back into the old myths.

The Stoics claim virtue is the highest priority, the only good that is always good, by definition. It is those acts that we need to understand. The Stoics are the first positive thinker philosophy that there is a good record for. They had some useful and effective techniques for thought control, as well as reality checks and corrections. Oh well, in the end we die anyway.

Afraid of death; how did the world get along before we were born? 

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