Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Muslims are Savages.


ISIL are savages, as evidenced from there neck slashing of an 84 year old man. By extension Muslims are savages. I do believe this may be the turning point in the war, ISIL war, or the new crusades, or what ever this turns out to be called. This time the Moors have gone too far and shown there true colors. It is time to act, we have had enough senseless violence. 

In this age of reason, of science, where the only rational religion is secular humanism, a positive form of atheism, it is time to make a change or many will perish in the coming war. We atheists will not capitulate to savages of irrational adherence to a iron age belief system. It is time to call out the real problem - religion and belief in supernatural - old holy books, of all forms - and the like.

Now where do we go - well rational behavior to start with. All religions must be eliminated.

I am not alone in thinking ISIL (Muslims ? ) went from annoyance to something which must be eliminated.   https://www.rt.com/op-edge/353357-france-attack-church-priest/ 

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