Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Muslims are still Savages

In the last post I made this point, or at least some Muslims are savages.  But is ISIL a religion or a political power grab using a weakness of Muslim non thinking/theology? Is it the theology that makes Muslims susceptible to radicalization?

Once one accepts that gods are at best concepts, and in fact do not exist, then one is forced to take responsibility for our own actions. This confidence and thinking for oneself removes the possibility of any group radicalization, but not of one tripping out on drugs, self produced or otherwise. Oh well, life goes on until it does not.

The simple solution is education into secular humanism type of philosophy, where evolution is understood for what it really is. The next step in evolution of humans is to remove religion and faith based learning and replace it with truth, evidence, and science based learning. Our sciences understand so much now, it is time to bring this learning to our youth, and to all youth in the public educational system. Those who want a private education could do so, but to enter college or trade school, a comprehensive testing would be required for all that have not done standardized testing.

Learning attitude and emotion control should be part of school at several times. Truth testing of myths should be taught. Something with the hall marks of creative writing should not be considered anything beyond story, even if it has some real feel to it or the odd fact thrown in.

Tribalism is a term for attachment to the familiar and close people around us. It is this attachment that makes up family and clan relationships. It is this same attachment that creates nationalism, and patriotism, which, from a world peace view, is not desirable, but has been necessary. It is this attachment that creates the us verse them concept, yet protectionism, self protection is essential for our survival in a real physical case. So what does all this mean? Well if the Muslims do not get control of there extremists, it will be all Muslims that suffer, for they will all be thems.

Branding one whole race is bad. Equally so is to brand one whole religion. But from a practical view, how does one protect ourselves from those cultures and religions who have different values than we hold. How does one protect ourselves from culture who do not value life? Just the way we protect ourselves from those who do not take responsibility for themselves. Race or religion can be used for profiling, and will be as long as the profile provides a "course screening" of behavior types. Most terrorists are Muslims, therefore we can ghettoize Muslims, as is the case in France, and leave them be, or they can integrate into the existing society. It is the choice of the immigrant. Those who integrate in are accepted and soon learn to think for themselves. Those who do not integrate continue to follow their "holy book", stand outside of our society, and are profiled. It is that simple.  It is their choice.   

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