Friday, July 8, 2016

And the short answer is


If China Is So Committed To Renewable Energy, Why Are So Many New Coal Plants Being Built?

And the short answer is we are selling them our old plants. In some cases even paying them to dismantle, and remove the old plant. What a deal, a whole plant that they can have for taking. Labor is cheap in china, it is material that is expensive. So the cheapest plant can be repaired and away we go.

So Notely's losing plants doe little for the world as a whole, but puts cleaner technology at considerable cost in Alberta, while contributing to total pollution in China, or what other third world country that bought a old second world plant. Oh well, we all die in the end.  

Those plants are going to there for the next fifty years. That is the value of China's commitment to green house gasses. Only the depletion of coal will stop them.

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