Thursday, April 5, 2018

My Best Interests

Who has my best interests as there priority?  Not the US CDC. The Center for Disease Control, as there name implies is concerned with the spread of disease, not the health of the surviving. Andrew Wakefield produced a paper that showed a cluster of MMR vaccinated with autism, and it seems that early vaccination was the likely cause. The Drug manufactures and CDC discredited Andrew, oh well, but the cluster of autistic remained. Some have tried to produce guidelines to correct the problem (AlbertaHS, pre 2016) but caved. The CDC is correct that, for the control of the disease, that the vaccinations at one year is the best. Autism is not a disease, but a development issue, likely as a result of early exposure to mercury. By putting off MMR vaccination to 3 years, the rate of autism drops to about 1/2, and there are a few more cases of death due to MMR. But what about those children and the cost associated with raising a autistic from "birth to death"? Who pays for the severely handy capped? Not the CDC. It is not a disease issue.

So who speaks for the individual?  What right does the government have to push things on the individual? Well, no moral right. They may have a legal right, by force if necessary. In the world of overpopulation, as we now find ourselves, who will be looking out for the rights of the individual?

So we humans have long allowed religions to push beliefs onto the people. Some of these beliefs were just wrong, fairy tales, bullshit, and others were ok, but how does one separate fact from fiction? Not by the source. Consider the CDC, they are right if we fear diseases, but not if we fear autistic children. So who speaks for the individual in a overpopulated world? Just terminate the ungifted as a start? I would be gone. So how should we decide what is best for us? Assume everything is junk until it is proven and we have examined all sides? Not the CDC, they put to high of value on the fear of minor childhood disease, and not enough negative on a life of handicap.

So when it comes to morals, ethics and values, they come to us at three levels: the individual, externally from family, society, and like and from religion. The atheist can sort those from religion and abandon the bullshit, outdated, and just wrong, and retain the good, right and just.

But why do religions and government think they can force others to follow their arbitrary and goofy rules? What right do they have to even suggest that we should follow? The only thing of value is my life and the lives of others. Does it add to or detract from that value without making or becoming slaves? That is as far as I can take this now. 

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