Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Individualism, a Philosophy for Life.

 I rise in defense of Ayn Rand. She called it Objectivism as Existentialism was already in use by others. A more descriptive name would be Individualism. I am not a apologist for Ayn Rand, however, her philosophy holds many truths. She is a good rich source for magpie approch to philosophy for life.

 She speaks of selfishness in the same ideology or context as David Silverman speaks of Atheism, and thus leaves little doubt about what he is saying or overstating.  For Ayn Rand, the individual is the primary unit of morality, ethics, economics, and politics. She was raised in Russia during the Stalin years, and was well acquainted with the damage forced altruism does to the morals, the drive to produce, and state run economy. That is the altruism that she was opposed to. It is based on what people could be, not on what they are.

 Ayn Rand's metaphysics and epistemology is not unlike that of most atheists, but the details need a bit of better explanation. Her economics and political aspirations are likewise based on what people could be, not what they are, hence are naive, dated, or otherwise weird. The individual is the primary unit of society, and any other method of dividing society will not work long term once the individual realizes that they are to primary unit. Religions work because they actively enforce group think, a pejorative term for following the prescribed concepts without thinking. Once we see that the individual must be satisfied and not lied to, the individual must step away from the religion and the wrong concepts. 

We see the same on issue for people on AISH here. It is a better life than on a minimum wage income. That is just not right. AISH is untaxed, while minimum wage is taxed. That is forced altruism, as taking from the poorer to pay for the less poor. Just not right, for they are making slaves out of the people. The pursuit and lust after money is the root of much evil. Yes the bible has some good lines, but it demonstrates the problem of baiting people with moneys.


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