Friday, April 6, 2018

Individual vs Society

 Individual vs Society 

So in our society, is the individual the unit or is the society, the government? China says that their state is greater than religion. There for sure, the state has control over the individual. What about here? It is not so clear. We would like to think individual but that is not true in so many situations.

The US was founded on the individual having the upper hand over the state. Canada it is not so clear. We we founded as Christian... well no, the founding fathers were some form of christian... but without christian sect... except for Quebec and Upper Canada, and the west was under their thumb. But all that has changed some.

I consider myself independent of the state; but I receive the old age security, medical, etc of the Canadian Citizen, as everyone does... well as much as anyone does. The Canadian Government, administered through the  provincial governments have made choices on what they will fund. But our society is breaking down. Consider the life a police officer here in Canada. At one time they were respected, member of the community. Now they are just revenuers, hiding behind lamp posts with their radar, ready to jump out and issue a ticket, or they will just mail it to you. Revenue, not safety. So is the individual or the state in charge. That same officer is then expected to deal with public, and the public is expected to be polite... good luck with that. You pissed in his rice bowl, and expect him to be nice. Good luck with that. Now the cops are nervous... when they stop anyone, the second has his hand on his gun.

So which is it, the individual or the state? Do not be fooled by elections. It is the power to develop the short list, not the selection from the short list that is the real power is. So is that a fair process. No. Oh well. Federally, Canada is a mess. We have too many parties, relational, and splinter groups. The unelected parties have too much influence, which is actually control. Oh well. I am too old to fight the system.

So what is the effect on the child that is told he was developing normally and then he got a vaccination and changed... and has always struggled. Do you think he will support vaccinations? It does not matter, the end is near. Co2 levels will take out the human population. The economy does not see the first two of reduce, reuse, recycle. There is no money in reduction, and reusing. Oh well.

So is it up to the individual? Yes. No one else can go against the state, the economy, and become frugal, cheep, and enjoy life. The state is power and money hungry and can never be satisfied anyway. It is up to each of us to enjoy our live as much as we can. Fuck the government.  

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