Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Trolley Problem

The trolley problem that I refer to is that old one, 5 people on one track, 1 on a side track, what do you do. The correct answer is all the choices are wrong. So it is suggested that least damning is the best. Business and organizations often get in this situation, and they will chose what is best for the company or organization, not what is best for society. That is their right. But what about places like Alberta Health. Do they make the best decision for the people or Alberta Health? If there is any doubt, Alberta Health looks out for Alberta Health. Consider the vaccination guidelines of statins. Is there any doubt.

So Consider the US position on war, since WWII. Viet Nam, to Syria. Ethically all wrong, for any violence is just wrong if we consider that cooperation is the essential of ethics, there are just wrong. Aggression is always wrong. Aggression sold as defense is wrong. Defense is, well, defense. But what is the choice to defense? Annihilation? But even defense, while necessary is wrong. There is nothing to be done but defense, but it is still just wrong. It is not cooperation. There is nothing right to be done when something wrong is being done.

So until we have peace, and all people are willing to cooperate, we ethic loving peoples are screwed. Considering the carbon dioxide problem, all humans are screwed, but oh well. More screwed. Each man for him self, primarily, or perhaps the family unit, for those of you that have a family unit.

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