Saturday, April 14, 2018


How should we handle a person who has lower morals than ourselves?

If an organization is involved, the likely action will be the best for the organization. In the case of American Atheists, it was to fire David Silverman. It surprises me that he lasted this long with his interest in the smoke and booze, and prodigal ways at conventions with the AA credit card. I did not have any issues with him picking up rounds of drinks, but I thought AA might have something to say about it. Oh well. I was not aware of his philandering, but it does not sunrise me. AA did what it needed to do to protect the organization.

But my morals would not let me mess about as David is reported to have done, but the question is how should I deal with such people at a personal level? I have concluded that I will just not associate with such behavior, and will not associate with those who cannot separate reality and fiction. Is that wrong, to go to what I know is safe? I am old. I can get through with far less "old friends and relatives" So perhaps it is just easier to detach. Period. Oh well. 

The principal of existential ethics or individual ethics is that our life is the primary value in our lives, and we should not do anything that detracts or devalues that. So in the moral case above the other has risked there value, and I do not wish to be associated with the likes. But at the same time, is my life poorer without them in my life? It is a balancing act, a draw, an evaluation. There is no wrong answer. It is a choice, a decision. Does it all really matter any way?   

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