Thursday, April 26, 2018

Society is just irrational

Society is just irrational

So what does society want?
  • for these seconds of society to not exist
  • Or to not feel the way they do for the way they are treated
  • or to not feel
  • or to not express there feelings
  • and some to act out. 
Society, modern society, has seconds, people who do not fit in, and we can form a community, like never before. We exist, we do, we live. Get over yourselves.

Our behavior is ultimately the result of our morals, ethics, emotions, and our own twisted logic. Our life in society made us the way we are. If you do not like the way we are, we are the result of your actions and our makeup. It is not our fault that society does not service our needs and are abusive. It is not your place to criticize the result of society's abuses. Some people are just living wild within our modern society. What else can they do?

Some of these events are just suicide by cop. There is no other way to look at it. 

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