Monday, April 23, 2018

The apocalypse is near

The apocalypse is near, but it is not what or how you think. The end will for all of us, by ourselves or a few at a time, as a result of time and climate change, and some will live on to their natural end.

We have gone through a period of massive population expansion to twice what the earth's atmosphere can support long term, so now we are at a point of selection and pruning down the unwanted people within society. Who are the unwanted? Those who cannot survive, for it is not a human force making the decision, but the environment, evolution and nature. Those who can live unassisted in the high carbon dioxide will be those who survive and reproduce, and survive and reproduce, as evolution has always occurred through growth and bottlenecks. The sixth extinction, with the humans as one of the species heavily impacted is what I am saying.

I do not expect that the human will go extinct. We are too adaptive and can manipulate our micro-environment. It will be those who are most adaptable that will survive, those who have nothing but there lives to lose, those who will do what they think it takes to survive. Morals, ethics, and what we know as civilization will be the first causality, government the second. The cash flow will dry up, and who knows what else. I expect that we old folk will just die and rot where we fall, in the later stages of decline, unless we have food stores, and then we will be killed for the food stores. It will be ugly, there will be no laws, no enforcers, just violence, until the people reduce in number and learn to grow gardens, and preserve food for winter, and return to a new agrarian society, that will support the much reduced population. I am thinking 25 to 50 % of today's population, with much of that being agrarian. I do not know what that population might look like, but in the long term, I think humans will survive; however the humans may not be of the same species as today.

The other choice is engineering ourselves out of the problem. What would that look like? Oxygen tanks or enriched air tanks and machines at the ready, but how will the economics of that work? Oh well, with my age a lung issues, I will likely be in the first few rounds of deaths.

Are we at the verge of splitting into two species? Quite possible. All that it will take is an effort to selectively breed a superior human, superior lung capacity, and intellect. Well, it is more a matter of choosing mates based on characteristics than emotions of any kind. Then reproducing. Love and the like will be secondary after family propitiation consideration... a second career, a second life, likely without much family, what ever that might look like... I do not know.   


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  1. I came of age reading all those Asinov & Bradbury apocalyptic stories & novels... I was really looking forward to that end-of-the-century crash of Big Oil & how we would all be forced into being better stewards of the environment. But alas, it's almost 2020 & I too will likely kick off before I get to see it (you would guess correctly that I'm not a big fan of the human race).