Saturday, March 31, 2018

Rebuilding a Hierarchy of Values

Having abandoned any reliance on a god concept, all we have is logic and reason to define a moral code of behavior. We do not wish to cause stress to people who utilize god concepts for comfort, but we will not be musseled either. All harm is unintended, but that is one of the issues weaknesses of being faith based. 

We all have some form of a hierarchy of values concept, just like we all have a philosophy of life. It may be essentially hereditary, as absorbed from your family traditions, unconscious or it may be a conscious developed concept. It is likely not logical unless it has been developed as such, later in life. So what does this hierarchy look like?

First, the foundation principal is likely that our like, human life is the most valuable thing we have, and that good things increase this value while bad things risk, devalue or detract from that value. We are individuals, yet cooperation is required for society. Equality is therefore implied into the decisions, yet we are individuals. At this value level, our ability to judge and prudence, to do the right thing must occur in a virtue table. Which virtue is most important must also be defined.  At this same level, there must also be an understanding of what is our responsibly, and what is others. Some things are up to us and some are not. We have the fundamental ability to assent to a concept or not. This is the limit of our free will, our control for we have only influence over our own body, not control. Knowledge of what is good and what is bad, that is increased or decreases the value of human life must follow shortly.

So there are quite a few concepts at this fundamental level, all packed closely. The value of the individual human life must be the primary value, else nothing else matters. The state, family, nor anyone has no claim over the individual. Do not make a slave of anyone, nor allow anyone to make a slave of us, equality, may be the second principal, but judgement is required to make that statement. This suggests to me that there a lump of equal second step hierarchy, or a splitting between values, virtues, behaviors, concepts, principals, abilities, skills, and similar concepts. It is like the force splitting phase change as space heats above absolute zero.

(aside) At absolute zero all movement stops, all forces must be zero, they are one. as heating occurs, all the forces split, movement starts, and particles come into existence. Before there was only cold empty space, nothing, no boundary's, nothing. It is an unstable space.

We measure time in term of revolutions of a planet around a nothing special star, our sun. If time is true and orthogonal to the other dimensions, we can only approximate it, and we are likely to be off, all depending on how we measure time. If we assume time is as we measure it, then we can conceive of time variation, as a fast clock vs slow clock, but that is only the measurement error. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

So what is on the third step of the hierarchy.  Truth, knowledge, wisdom, evidence, from first principals. The term first principals was used in engineering, and had a definition of known simple processes, fundamental logic, and the like. Perpendicular planes remain plane was one of the fundamental concepts of bending formula, and that is true within the functional range of structural bending, and I do not remember enough about plastic hinges moments, and they do apply to limit state designs. Anyway, after the phase change like split into values, principals, behaviors, everything becomes messy and requires more work.

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