Thursday, March 1, 2018

ethics and a nine point scale

If one was to apply a nine point scale to ethics, what would the result be? There is space for foolish behavior, which is not wrong, but when someone else does something not quite right either, much shit happens. So what would a nine point ethics scale look like?

As far as behaviors go, perhaps :    evil, bad, foolish, goofy, neutral, better, best, good, sage ... or something like that.  So what would be the advantage, it is a variable grey scale, which allows that foolish behavior is not bad, just foolish. When the foolish get harvested by the predators, oh well.

So what drives some of us to what is right, and what drives others to do as they do? Greed in some cases, or realizing it is easier to take than to produce. Oh well. Or sexual urge, in the case of some. The Me too movement is out of hand. If they have committed a criminal acts, get charges laid. If not go away, not destroy the productive lives, even if they are assholes. Well perhaps the laws and or enforcement need to be changed. Perhaps companies will need to have video of all offices, just to protect the male employees. They may need evidence to protect the company. Now how does one avoid not looking at half nude ladies? well, with so few close on. It is just wrong to advertise that which is not for sale. 

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