Friday, March 23, 2018

New Car Dealers

In Alberta, the new car dealers were so unethical that the Alberta Government required an organization to clean up the industry.

The Alberta Motor Vehicles Industry Council was started. So do AMVIC dealers follow the rules. No.

The AMVIC state that the dealer may charge the advertised price plus GST, that is all. But the dealers try to sucker the customers into paying a bunch of other fees as well, which is illegal. That does not stop them of trying. What does that say about their ethics?

Well ethical car dealers are hard to find. Do they exist? Well, I have not yet found one. Oh well. It is better to know that the dealer is unethical when you are in need of a car, rather to go in thinking they are ethical.

So what about a hierarchical priority of our values? So the unethical car dealer places dollars above there ethical reputation. Where do I place dollars and ethics in my values hierarchy?  Well, I considered my P.Eng ethics to be greater than any single job. I was pushed to "approve" bullshit a number of times, and rejected it, and then never got paid by one client. We lost another client for not approving fill that was dumped on snow and ice. We are a society awash in the unethical, on top of the 20% psychopaths, and 20% altruistic. It is a society problem, and will result in the failure of modern civilization. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

Those who do not see or will not act on the looming Co2 contamination crises, the political corruption, the economic over-reach, the carbon free energy need of this country, and the similar issues; which one will be the end of our society?

But before the end is the good life, where we can all enjoy ourselves as we destroy our environment, society, the like.   

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