Thursday, March 8, 2018


For knowledge, the standard test has 3 points: it must be true, we need to believe it to be true, and the tough one, there must be some evidence. At once we see that religions fall short on the evidence part.

The Big Bang suggests that the Higgs field is as close to the creator as it gets. Within the Higgs field, things pop in and out of existence, randomly, but in pairs, one mater, one antimatter, and then collapse back and annihilate each other, but like the flying birds in a cage, have mass, and produce a force that generates more Higgs field. Dark matter, dark energy, well in one theory anyway, but what do I know.

Evidence, first hand knowledge is a bit rare on the internet, so perhaps all should be held in absence, unless we see the evidence. If it take years to know if it works, well that is not evidence enough. Statins are equivalent to placebos, but with three times the suicides. Oh well. Vaccinations work, or some do at least, except where we get clusters of problems, like Andrew Wakefield found from early vaccinations and autism and gut problems. So the vaccination industry went after Wakefield, just like the South African dieticians are after Tim Noakes    

So does this suggest that there is a problem with vaccinating early and autism? The Alberta guidelines states not before 3 years.  And what about red die number 2? And then there is garlic and vivid dreaming.

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