Saturday, March 26, 2016

You are backing Trudeau

Trudeau has slipped a bail-in. So now the banks and the government are safe and the depositors/creditors are on the hook. Long term creditors are the depositors. Now what? We are  unwittingly backing  this ludicrous spending of the Trudeau.

If you are in debt, it does not matter, but in early retirement, our reserves should the highest of our life, even if some or all is tied into long term investments and land. 

Paper Page 223

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Did you see what Justin Trudeau slipped into the budget this week, hidden away on page 223?

It’s called a bank “bail-in regime”.

That means if a Canadian bank starts to fail, it would be allowed to seize your bank account to pay its bills. Seriously.

It’s what they did in Cyprus three years ago, when bankers there made risky loans to Greece. In a back-room deal, politicians and bankers decided to pay off the bank debts by just seizing 10% of everyone’s deposits.

The country had a melt-down. Banks closed, ATM withdrawals were limited. It was a disaster. Of course, well-connected insiders got all of their cash out in time.

It’s all right there in black and white in Trudeau’s budget. Click here to see for yourself.
This outrageous proposal is not yet law. But if Canadians accept it in silence, it will be.

We’ve got to fight back now — or face legalized theft like they did in Cyprus.

Sign our petition now by clicking here. And please forward this e-mail to all your friends.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. We’ve set up a website at Please make that your Facebook status, and forward this e-mail to your friends. Don’t let the banksters raid your savings, like they did in Cyprus!

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