Friday, March 25, 2016

The old way

the new way 

and here is one more on an unrelated subject 

Pope is infallible is bullshit, we are authorities, control freak thinking. He is not rational on this point. So the pope does not think it has to to with population? Bullshit. It is largely population. If we look at the detailed carbon content, it is confusing, but since the late 1960, the population has doubled, and co2 has gone wild.
Here is a typical

Population control will be the only solution that will work, long term. We need to return to something 3-4 Billion to survive long term. We need to get rid of religion/passion based thinking and get to logic based decisions. We need to lower the demand on our planet, and the system will correct it's self. If we do not, climate change will be nature's response, and just watch those in the hot dry climates die off. We can slow the growth of carbon dioxide production, but do you think the developed countries are going to allow their lifestyle to be drawn down to third world levels?

Note that seasonally carbon dioxide varies, and declines in the summer seasons.

The only way to get to a negative population growth is through education and contraception. One Child is too much, but a world one child policy is the way to start. We will go through a population aging phenomena, but that will pass. It will be painful, but doing nothing will be worse, for there will be more that die off if we do nothing.   

But what do I know?

and then this fine piece of Stoic re-definition shows up

  1. Wisdom (sophia), (concerns appropriate acts) knowledge of what one is to do and not to do and what is neither
  2. Courage (andreia), (standing firm) knowledge of what is terrible and what is not terrible and what is neither.
  3. Justice (dikaiosyne), (distributions) knowledge of the distribution of proper value to each person, and
  4. Temperance (sophrosyne), (human impulses) knowledge of what is to be chosen and avoided and what is neither

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