Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Does Islam collect or attract more nut-bars than other religions or are they more violent, or does Islam create violent nut-bars from lesser forms of nut-bars? Yes to all of the above.

Allah told me to do it!!! The cry of the Islam nut-bar. Hearing voices and acting on them is a classic paranoid delusional, and because they are Islamic, it is let go as religion. It is Islam that turns the delusional into irrational killers, and as such all Islam should be abolished, along with the non-violent religions. Islam is the worst of the lot.

So they do not want Islamophobia. I am not fearful of those crazy bastards, but I will speak out against any state sanctioned idiocy including all religious delusions. I am fearful of the government favoring Muslin emigrants, and their ignorance of rational reality. We are here for this life only, so we need to make the most out of this life. That is all we get.

Mother Teresa is to become a saint. Whoopy ding. She looked after the dying in Calcutta. She has a attitude that I find troubling. Why fix a problem if you can accept it? Teresa is big on accepting of the "rich are in control", there is nothing we can do. Not on fixing the causes of the poverty. I ask why accept a problem if you can fix it. First, you need to see the problem, to see a real fix, and then do the fix, not just aid comfort to the dying.  The Catholic Church and there mouth piece, Teresa, did not treat the sick, but house them so they could die in a bit of comfort... well some comfort. 
But she does not go about blowing up things.

Why accept a problem if you can fix it. Giving up is not a good attitude, nor is acceptance that within your power to change. In fact, I consider acceptance a vice, in this case a major vice. The Catholic Church has been rendered cowardly by their vices. "Faith in God" is another vice that all humanity needs to eliminate.

We need to fix our own issues before we preach at the third world, even if there problems are easy to see and fix. We have plenty of problems, inner city issues, natives, and small town poor. And then there are all those who whine about hunger, but are unwilling to pick up a spade and hoe. Leduc offers free garden plots, and only about 1/4 of the land is in use, yet the food bank is always crying for more. I had a half ton extra spuds one fall that they did not even want. Oh well, that was the end of my support.

By my standards, all religious are delusional, aka, believing in fairies, or other deities. Islam encourages violence from it's nut-bars, both in the Qur'an and later writing from the Ottoman period. Some of there leaders do not promote the violence against non-islamists, but other do. Internally, some of the sects preach peace, within the sect. Few speak out against the external violence. That is the problem, if they do not speak out against the violence, they permit it. They either permit violence or support violence, that is the problem. They cannot and do not wish to control their peoples.

Humans need to keep on evolving into peaceful reasoning culture. The world population needs to be reduced, through voluntary and if necessary forced birth control, one child policy, and allowing those in pain, emotional or physical, to die if they wish. Allocation of resources to the poor by offering services, not money. If they do not wish the services, they can do as they like without my concern. 

Enough. I wish you all success with honesty, truth, and justice for all who seek it. What do I know anyway?


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  1. Cult (noun): A small, unpopular religion.

    Religion (noun): A large, popular cult.