Monday, March 28, 2016

disenfranchised youth

I got into a discussion where "disenfranchised youth" term came up with respect to our natives. This is the wrong term so often. Nobody has taken the vote away from them, they have chosen not to participate in our society. Any one who chooses not to be part of our society, and to follow our society's rules of behavior  could truthfully be called many things but disenfranchised youth is not one of them.

We see the same term being used for the Muslin,  "disenfranchised youth", to describe terrorists. It seem all terrorist are Muslin, but not all Muslin are terrorists, but what is it about the Muslin's that make them easy to convince to become terrorists? Is it they are not rational, and believe what there ancestors and elders tell them? They cannot separate bullshit from reality?  The problem is that they, and in most religions cannot separate bullshit from reality and speculation? 

We have a problem in English language and our current culture. We allow odd meaning of words that are less offense that the truth. The Trudeau government allowing banks to steal our money with "bail-in" for example. The government is allowing banks to exchange our money for there worthless shares. All it what it is, bank fraud, and see how far they get.

Once we get down to rigorous truth, all religions are bogus, man made schemes of "ways of thinking" that distort reality into a more pleasing "reality" and we each live in our own reality. Once we get down to rigorous honesty and truth, we become a group of individuals who do not tolerate others reality very well, especially if their "reality" is not real.

This all is making my head ache. Rigorous honesty and religion are incompatible. But what do I know?   



  1. A sad & poignant moment for me yesterday when my mom described her joy during her Church Ladies' visit, bringing her Communion & having a mini-prayer service... My dad, a livelong agnostic (prob wouldn't call himself atheist bcz of the pain it would've caused mom) participated by reciting the Lord's Prayer with them!
    I wonder if dementia has stripped away his layers of reason, or if in fear of death he wants to "hedge his bets"??? Personally I think he was just enjoying the social interaction - mom rarely takes him out anymore, as if his (NEVER rigorous) social filters might offend. No matter how many times I tell her it's not HER problem what others may think...

  2. Yes, social isolation is frequently a motivator for human to do something that is out of character. Being part of a group is a strong incentive to adhere to social norms, even when they mean nothing to the individual. We see this in gang activity, and is school clicks, sports fans, even those that hang around archery ranges. We humans have a social need, some small and some large. I knew one lady that could not be alone, ever.