Monday, March 28, 2016

What does it mean to be an athiest?

There is no god, no life after death, no stories of how we go here, or how earth came to be, no rebirth, no reincarnation, It is not negative, it is just the truth. Anyone who believe any of those things believe in supernatural things which do not exist except in your minds. Fiction.

Now that we have those negatives out of the way, We start to build. I have only this life to leave my mark on the world. I am responsible for leaving this world as a better place, so it is up to me to educate those who want to understand the truth. If they do not want to know, they can believe whatever they want. The prime directive applies.

The purpose of human life is to flourish as a species. Individually, anything that aids flourishing is a value to the society. Positive psychology is the model of behavior I think is the most logical.

Morals are simply what is the best for our society, and for all involved. We can search these out as what is common between the better religions, but there is so little common in details. In general though, most suggest that we live virtuous lives, and eliminate vices. Which are virtues, and which are vices, though is not so clear. If we merge Stoicism, Buddhist, and Confucianism together, the best outline for a good life emerges.

It starts with do not unto others as you would not permit to be done to you. There is space between the that and the do unto others as you would they do unto you. The virtues look like; proper behavior, rigorous honesty, truth, compassion, justice, courage, fortitude, nonviolence in civilian population (excludes police and military), and a long list. Vices include faith, hope beyond opinion, violence, theft, fraud, and a long list. We are responsible, and therefore I want to not do any harm to others or myself as a objective. This puts me in a more moral position that many religious persons who follow brutal old traditions. 

We must think before we act. I am responsible, so I want to know the reason I do things, not blindly follow without reason or without thinking. Anyone who will not give reason should not be followed, and if there reason is bad, it should not be followed either.

I need to stop at some point, but there is a book of reasons and discussion. But what do I know?    

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  1. The Prime Directive works just great for me! (LLAP)