Friday, March 4, 2016

Yah Sure

The Mormons tried it, and how well did that go?

Could they take that home to Mother and Dad?

You can espouse this as much as you like, but it will work about like communism,  in theory and occasionally, but once dollars of modern child support come into play, not so much. Do you think many will support a child that is not his. Yes some do, and then they don't. They will support mother and child, and then they do not, oh well, on to the next women. 

I think history shows that one man, one women works best, as long as they are both loyal to the plan of one man, one women. Yes, there may be a claim of exclusivity, but if one does not want that, the relationship is doomed. Oh well, you can believe and try what ever foolishness that you like.

I could never go for such foolishness. I would rather be single than that. It comes down to the relative strength of the need for sex, attachment to others, and money. 

For a marriage to work there must be respect, common values, cooperation, passion, commitment, and intimacy. With my biases, anyone who would be involved in such a relationship would be, well, a person non grata.  Oh well, what do I know?

 Respect, truth, non-violence, moderate compassion, and moderation in self control.... But what do I know? 

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