Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Policy against violence

Any policy with the aim of ending violence must ultimately address the root cause of said violence. So what is the root cause? Injustice, religion aka beliefs, thinking you have wronged, ideology, religion, power, wealth, fame, religion, control of land and people, religion, did I include religion? You get my point, religion plus a bunch of other things. Included in religion is a belief system, even Marxism, Communism, and all those other belief systems that put the system before people.
The cause is ignorance of the fact that we are all on this earth only one time; when we are dead we are dead; we are flourishing to well as a species; we can no longer think tribally but we need to think global cosmos. We need to understand reality, not some bronze age tribal religion. We need to update all religions 20th century and current knowledge.

Trump, after Brussels has said a bunch of stuff about dealing with terrorists. Waterboarding, torture of any kind, is just torture, it will encourage the subject to say anything to end the pain. It does not yield the truth, it yield what the torture wants to hear. Torture is only useful if the person being tortured actually knows something and is willing to tell it to stop pain. Compartmentalization, or headless disorganization is the answer to this, both of which Islam are noted for. Torture is not going to bring out much good information. Violence will not end violence. It must be a change in thinking, aka philosophy of life.

A better treatment would be forced watching and testing for retention of atheist videos. They might actually learn a few things. We need to indoctrinate them, against there will to reality. Torture will not do that, only seeing and understanding reality will do that.  That cannot happen against the will but must be befriended. Isolation is the best way, that is isolation except for what we want them to learn. It is old style deprogramming after cult involvement. Religions are just big popular cults. Much of history is just one persons opinion of the events, often the facts are made more memorable through story telling. These must be taken in a general way of the thinking at the time. Nothing more.

Recovery from any problem of cult indoctrination is a long and slow process of selecting the best concept available and holding onto that until something better comes along. It is piecemeal disassembling of belief systems, and through discussion and examination, picking the best parts. It is discussion, not brow beating or dismissing of the dissenters, that the process will work. It is the art of separating facts from popular beliefs of the day.

Consider the garbage concept that you can be anything that you want to be. It has so many restrictions. First you need the intelligence, skills and personality to pick up the knowledge and skill necessary, and your choices must be real and suitable to the rapid change that is occurring. By the time one graduates any course of study, the field may have changed or disintegrated, if it really existed to start with. The demand may just not be there. Education was, at one time a virtual guarantee of employment, now universities are in the business of selling educations. It is up to the consumer to pick one that there might be use for in the future, and to pick a school that is up to date.

So is that belief fact or fiction?

Just something more to think about. What do I know?       

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