Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Stoics, Live by Nature

The Stoics were group of philosopher who claimed we should live by nature, virtues were the highest good, some things are up to us and some are not, we are not troubled by events, but our thoughts about those events, and similar pithy concepts. To understand these concepts, that is what each actually means, takes a bit of time.

To live by nature sounds simple, but what does it really mean. When we live among group who think in supernatural realms, like Christians and Muslims, living by nature is, well, today, atheism. It is staying away from supernatural thinking, hope that is not possible, day dreaming, any religious thinking, after life, or anything that is not physical possible. The simplest way to express this is live by nature. 

Others have different opinions of what this actually means.

Now that we understand that the same reduction outcome could come from many different paths, what are we left with? Pick one and away we go. There is often some truth in almost any statement, but what that truth is is often in question. 

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