Sunday, December 3, 2017

We each are responsible for ourselves

Why should I care about what other adults do to their bodies. I do not like adults conciliating youth to do dangerous/illegal/unsafe actions, like eating raw eggs. We know that salmonella is lurking, just ready to strike, so why take a chance? Unknowing is one thing, but knowingly take riskes?  What am I no about? Well I do not know how to reference/link to a facebook post, or I would link to it. Some old goof, is suggesting that eating raw cookie dough containing eggs is safe.

We each are responsible for ourselves, but counseling the young/uneducated to eat raw eggs is unwise to dangerous. We each are responsible for ourselves.  But counseling Russian roulette? That is what they are doing, but with long odds. I know of one young lady who will never be the same, and has suffered the last 20 years because of a moment of risk, and a few mouthfuls or raw food. It is just not worth the risk. If an adult wishes to take such a risk, ok, but to suggest that it is ok to others or youth is just abuse of reality. But then she also believes there is a god, so what should we expect.

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