Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fentanil, Fentanyl, Carfentanil

We have all heard of this latest drug epidemic produced by the big Pharma, and now production has gone off shore, where they will happily produce and ship overseas almost anything. I can see their point. Why should anone stop producing a products when there is a market? We do not use them, only sell them. Why should we care? We are not their keepers. White imperialist dogs. It is no different than those who manufacture guns, bullets, explosives, processed foods, GMO, and all those other goods and services that are killing people today. We produce and sell without great concern to the end user. We need to earn a living today, that means sell a product or service, or beg so
that others may feel good by giving.

Once we see that the world is overpopulated, why should we care if people do not respect themselves enough to not buy and use street drugs? They cannot think that they are harmless. They are addicts, and often doctors and legal drugs caused the addiction; together with our pressured society, and those who do not adapt, suffer. It is up to each us to just stop. We are on our own. It is our responsibility, ours alone. If we chose to gamble with our lives, can we expect others to care for long? Soon we will be dead. It is up to us. So the bleeding hearts do there thing, but they do it for what they get out of it, while they claim to be helping others.

I knew enough about addiction to recognize that I was addicted, and kicked the use early on, while I still had Oxycontin on prescription. There is a urban myth that we can go through life pain free. Life is going to hurt. Oh well, that is life. We need to learn to deal with pain, and do what is necessary to reduce pain to a tolerable level through philosophy, and behavior. If others cause us emotional pain, just stop caring, and do what is necessary, it does not matter in the big picture. Other societies do it: to not care is self protection. Children come to visit, and are free by their fourteenth birthday, when they are expected to start to produce and learn to live separate from the family. Our natives allowed the young girls to go to the adjacent tribes. With the education we need today, this just does not fit well, but we need to free children much earlier. Emancipated minors, yes, and we need to let go of them. The world is overpopulated now.

So is it right to push my opinions onto others? I do not think so. The Islams think they have the right, but that is bullshit. I have the freedom to express, and others, you have the choice to read or not, to listen or not, to do or not. That may be why blogs are an ideal format for me, I can speak, write, and it does not matter, if zero read or a thousand read it. It does not matter. I do am not concerned. There is so much output to the public, it is impossible to intake and sort the valuable from the irrelevant information. Some is false, incomplete, partly true, while other is just irrelevant at this time, and may always be such. It does not matter. I need to write to hear myself, and then I forget. That is my life, with no sharp long term memory. I could not write without a computer, spelling is beyond my memory. Such is the life of a dyslexic. Oh well.

So it is choice to take drugs, and it is individual responsibility that allows us to take, or keeps us from taking drugs. It is not my pace to judge you, nor to help you too much. If I ketch you stealing my stuff, I will terminate you, and bury you in the back yard. Shoot, shovel and shut up, or some such. At least I think I would, now, if I were pissed off, I might, I do not know. I might send a arrow your way. I would not seek to harm you but you are standing where I am about to shoot, and I had to let go as I could not hold it any longer.

Personal responsibility for what happens to us that we have control over, and not for those things we have no control over. But what about those things that we do not have complete control over, only influence, and our biochemistry has ultimate control over? Like our appetite? Do we need to respond to appetite?  

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