Friday, November 3, 2017

Govener General shit storm

So now the truth creates a shit storm. What a bunch of pussy's. We cannot tell it like it is because, well we might offend an idiot. Man has created faster climate change as a result of the population producing more carbon dioxide than the earth can absorb, and as a result, ocean acidification is occurring, along with climate warming, and all that comes with. People do not want to live in reality, it is nicer to live in a dream fiction state. Some idiots find it offencive. Well, get over it. anything is offensive to somebody. There is no evidence of a god, but lots of people believe in gods.  

so softly said, the meaning could slide by. Random vs governed processes. the process of becoming alive is not random, it is almost automatic under the right conditions. It is only random when these conditions occur. And the creation of life was not a single event, but a series of lives, and the best few survived. Parallel paths, and each form branched...some merged... and now we look around us and see...  the array that is today.

Some will be "offended ". So what. We need to live in reality of today.

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