Sunday, October 29, 2017

Belief Cleaning

Our beliefs are screwing us over. Our beliefs are things we learned as children, as youths, as adults that we never test or evaluate in detail, but we continue to believe them, live by them, even when they are wrong.These are our first response to any situation that arises. These can be issues from over felt responsibility to pity for the belief riddled religious. It extends from ignoring the obvious (as trump and climate change) to the violence that is Islam fall back position, to kill, if they do not get there way.

We have life choices to make, which we make and live by them or the result of the path chosen. Some times it turns our well, sometimes much less so. Oh well, we just get one kick at the cat, and sometimes we just miss. But that is not the issue of this post. The issues is there are four loci of change: behavior, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Our beliefs lie at the bottom, the foundation for all thoughts. If these are wrong, all thinking is less than pristine. Yet we do not go through and verify our beliefs. We just ignore them, except for the shallow superficial stuff. We never question the why of religions, that is taboo, yet so evidently wrong.

There is no clear right and wrong in so many areas. The drug companies create money by selling drugs legally that cause addiction; Oxycontin, and once one is addicted, the government cuts off the supply of safe clean Oxycontin, and the addicts reach for street drugs or realize they are addicted and kick the addiction. At the bottom is a wrong belief, that life should be pain free. We trust the medical system, and the government, two of the most depraved organizations possible. We are each on our own, there is little real help with the vicissitudes of life.

Now, let us get on with cleaning of our belief system. It is not the domain of most psychologists, as it can quickly be come messy. Those that do undertake such do so on a very superficial level, or that is what is suggested on the internet websites that breach the subject. Several sights suggest partial reloads, of their selection of beliefs... evangelizing whatever they are selling. No one that I have yet found has a systematic look at all those food/eating related beliefs that are causing the problem.

I suggest that the following needs to become my view:
  • that we should eat three times each day with a bit more protein/fat before retiring
  • all meals should be small and contain mainly fats and protein but enough carbohydrates to remove cravings as my liver does not seem to be able to produce enough glycogen on low carb diet.
  • Those who do not agree can just fuck off or I will.

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