Monday, October 9, 2017

The fuzzy future

Jack Vance got me thinking. What does the future look like for me? In the end there will be death but before that is the real question.

I do believe that the criteria that I make life choices on have changed; they are not typical of religious peoples choices.

As the world is over populated, using Co2 as a "full indicator", I do not value the human life as much as do Christians, more at the level of the North American Indian, pre-whiteman. It was common to walk away from those who could not keep up; the old, the sick, and the young. Extra children were exposed, however I would not go that far. Other, beyond there tribe... beyond there family did not matter. The family tie beyond youth age was weak, the girls were allowed to run off to join other tribes. The boys could hunt, produce or were driven off, except for the medicine man's sons... They had a higher survival rate, and that may explain why so many claim linage to a "medicine man". Now native lives matter... to the natives.

Overpopulation removes guilt over not helping refugees, those who there people have declared unwanted or excess, useless, or unwilling to work at the available work to survive. The natives may wish to have southern services in the north, but other than having been their home for generations through government welfare, there is no reason to be there. Oh well. Most people born on farms for the last 60 years also faced this decision. Ireland, for the 400 years, has lost at least one son and daughter, in each generation, to the new world. Oh well.

It is wrong to impose my opinions on others. This, with overpopulation, clears the way for abortion, medical testing of fetus's and abortion of the defective, withholding of medical services from the enviable, assisted self termination, self termination directives, DNR's, etc. Life of a underdeveloped child just is not that valuable, and also of the old, beyond retirement, have lost much value to society. 

There is no god, no afterlife. Those who believe are simply like flat earth types, just simply wrong. Oh well. Get over it.

Overpopulation and minding my own business are the first two rules of existence, followed by living a virtuous life, and living according to nature, more or less, in this massive cosmos, are the first and including the prime directive.

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