Monday, October 2, 2017

All Religion is not Rational.

Islam is a religion of hatred of all those who are not Islam. Just read the Quran if you doubt what I am saying.  But then there are the moderates that have not read or do not follow the Quran, so what is Islam? Violence? Or was it violent conversion, with death to all who try to openly leave. It is not freedom, but neither is Christianity.

The Christian bible is no better. These are both stone age religions, well perhaps iron age fabrications, or perhaps just historical documentation of stories. Both were written long after the alleged events, and we know how reliable word of mouth over time is; it is all about story, controlling of the people.

So today in Edmonton we have a mad moore with a couple of vehicles running down people and in Las Wages a mass shooter, possible a new convert to Islam as ISIS claims... how does anyone know, unless evidence is found of a visit by an Islam or a visit to some Islam center.

How quick is conversion Islam? My conversion to no god atheism was a few minutes, but then I was pushed back onto the fence for many years by survival first, then later lack of time to study the question. But what do I know? In the end we all just die anyway, and in a good environment should be allowed to rot in shallow graves, so that the carbon is sequestered in the root zone for recycling.  

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