Friday, October 13, 2017

How much is buyers remorse

So back when they were young these ladies used there bodies to get ahead, and now they have buyers remorse. They did not complain at the time, for only those who put out got ahead. That was the way of the time, there were many qualified and capable people, how was the choice to be made. Now that everyone is old, and the moral backbone of the world has changed, and we, the public, will not tolerate such behavior, all this becomes public.

Such behavior has long been the way. It was trained in behavior for some, others of us saw such behavior, and were trapped, being wage slaves at the time. The rich get the girls, it has always been that way. Why should we care? Now there is this scream that looks like buyers remorse. It does not involve me, but I say such behavior when I was young. I feel only apathy now.

Our natives are doing the same thing. Back in the day when the public thinking was only good Indian is a dead Indian, there were no big outcries. Now that the public are bleeding hearts, the Indians are harvesting profits from some of the attitudes we feel guilty over. But how long is that attitude going to continue? We boomers are reaching the stage that half of us are dead, and the next wave are taking over. We have let in so many immigrants... and they have no loyalty to our past. They will start saying ... We are not responsible for the wrongs of the past... We came here with nothing... get over it, get on with your life or die off. These are the good years.

Life, as we know it will end. Co2 levels, with methane hydrate melt, some volcano or meteorite strike, super bugs, nuclear war, what ever, will end life as we know it, or we each get terminated separately. It does not matter, it will come.

In the mean time we will continue. We will impose our imaginary life overlay on the reality that we do not look at... we will continue to live in our dream world that only we see. Trump will continue to see himself as perfect, and decimate those who do not bow to him. Un will do similar. Ref:


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