Thursday, November 21, 2013

The weight industry- both food processors and diet

The weight industry is in a natural conflict, they require obese desperate people to survive. The food industry produces hyperpalatable foods  (hyperpalatable is defined and the ability of a food to stimulate the desire for more); food that stimulates insulin production. Not good for weight loss or maintenance. The food industry also owns many of the weight loss programs, a definite conflict of interest; so how can anyone actually beleive there experts?

Lustig 2.0 shows the reason real food, low carb works. Insulin blocks leptin signaling. Keep insulin down, we can see the leptin. When we can see leptin, we do not physiologically need to eat. We still need to deal with conditioned eating, emotional eating, temptations, obsessions, compulsions, impulses, first pass effect hunger, and all those other things that drive eating.

But if everyone did that, the doctors would be unemployed. There would also be changes in the products of farms.

“May you be well; may you be happy; may you find peace.”
But then what do I know? Breath, smile and enjoy what life has to offer. Dao.

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