Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Service Review LRC

This is intended to be a multi part look at the utilization of the facility by this senior. It could be a source of post material for a few weeks, some parts may even be a twisted funny bit.

Leduc Recreation Centre has driven me out. As a grumpy senior (independent variable, possible a free radical) in pain, coping with stupid bureaucracy is not my strong point. It took about 8 or was it 9 phone calls to find out who to talk to, and a phone number. Then there was a issue with reaching the individual. Even the City councilor did not seem interested in the issue. Oh well, that is bureaucrazy. I figured she was nuts anyway, running for city council.

I think they need someone to poke at them. Kid. Stick. Hornets nest. (with a can of Raid® in the rear pocket)

It is a wonderful facility, but it has staff performance issues and operational guideline issues. The facility needs a few minor tweeks to make it more suitable, or should I say this senior friendly.  We need to separate facility from the operation, from some of the staff, and some of their operational guidelines, and standards of personnel training. It is a subdepartment of the City of Leduc, and as a taxpayer, I have the right, if not the responsibility, to express the events or perhaps I should say, my experiences within the facility.

I have been using the facility for a bit now, and it has not always be pleasant, at time just necessary, but there are choices. When my basement stairs becomes a better choice, there is something rotten in Denmark, if you know what I mean.

There is always a question of "who's storey is correct" but as the customer / client, it is I who decides to use or not use the facility. If you are trying to grow clients, is driving away clients who were coming the best way? It may be just economics. They may need to select suitable clients, but as a taxpayer, it should be possible to provide a schedule of target customers. Seniors - stairs walkers, east fire escape and track. 8 to 10 am, for example. It could then be targeted, less volume in the jungle drums, not as loud as the fan, no hearing protection required, no staff locking seniors in the stairwell. If they want to keep the stair well door closed, all is needed is a thumb latch on the inside.

As a senior, I need to ask "who is their target customer?" It seems to me that I am not part of their target demographic. And if you say everybody, just get real. You cannot target seniors and youth for the same facility, at the same time. Loud jungle music and seniors? Well if the senior is deaf, it might work. I can hear, even if I cannot write well. All those years of hearing protection over 75 db may have had an effect. My poor sister is as deaf as a post, but she never did listen to much anyway.

The last thing that happened was when I tried to explain, the `person in charge` ( bounded variable) started to explain her staff actions, before I had explained the whole long storey. How is that for " dealing with customer complaints," but then I spent all those years providing a product nobody wanted, some needed, but many were required to have, against their will. There is no reason to turn the volume up when asked to turn it down, unless they are trying to drive me out. Doing nothing was what I expected to happen, but I was the only one there.

But what do I know? Breath, simile, and enjoy what life has to offer. For today, Dao.

Stories to come:

Walking on the track should not require hearing protection.

Use of stairwells for exercise should not involve harassment by the staff.

The staff should not make comments about fat, deformed, scabby, old, flabby bodies, especially to other clients.

The locker rooms could have a couple or one "change" room, so that we do not need to expose our skin lesions,
and fat flab folds to other.

The gay staff members should not use the locker rooms for their "meetups". When I walked in on that...
I will not go back there.

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