Monday, November 18, 2013

Final Leduc Rec Centre


I am not part of the target demography. I have come to accept this. If I want/need to use their facility, I must adapt to fit into their target. It ain't gonna happen.

There is no need of me going into the abusive comments of certain staff. It is pointless. All I need say is that some of their staff have a sadistic side, and leave it at that. I suppose that that goes with bodybuilding - self abuse, trying to get the last bit of muscle growth out of your biology, but not everybody is into self abuse. All I need is a few hours a week to keep in reasonable shape to carry me to my grave.

Their is no point in complaining about them objecting to me lifting a few weight while wearing street close. I am not their target demographic. A few lift is just enough to warm up before a walk, but these young exercise freaks do not know nothing about being old, beyond what their textbook said. It is not about muscle building nor protecting their upholstery, but the rules, while being in such a hurry as to miss what is going on.

As I am not the target demographic, we the fat and scaly, it does not matter if we do not like to display our bodies. All that would be required is a change cubical or two, but non keeps us out.

I am not the target demographic, so it does not matter when the gay decide to have a meet up in the showers. It is non of my business if the perverts are part of the target demographic, that I as a taxpayer am required to pay for.

Is there any hope. No. The government makes so little difference that elections are a joke. One quarter of eligible voters do not agree, oh well. Shit happens. And you wonder why we have no respect for politicians?


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