Friday, November 15, 2013

LRC part 3

Part 3 find 1 and 2 here and here

Now I need to remind myself that it is not the situation that cause distress, but rather my opinion of the situation. But I do beleive that the previous stairwell issue with the lady I let out was abuse of staff power and elder abuse. Or perhaps just bullying, but if you want to keep people out, it should be signed so, and the signage must be respected by all, including staff, Leduc Fire training, and the private fitness instructors and groups, which occupy the corners. In addition, there are combustible materials being stored in the bottom of that stairwell.

Now, I propose that those stair wells have thumb unlocks on the top floor, in this case. There may be situations where the fire exist are being used for wrong purposes. I guess that kids could sneak in and  exercise without paying, or do something else... but not what are the chances, and the bottom door has exiting only hardware, and perhaps even alarmed or monitored - I do not know.

Now we need to recognise that guideline of safety, as in the building codes and fire codes are general guidelines, but there are cases where these guidelines produce an unsafe condition, and some allowance must be made.

There is the case of hard toed boots, for example. When applied to winter boots, there is a problem. Toes of hard toed boots are bloody cold. So in the extreme cold and long jobs, you have a trade off, in low risk situations. Frozen toes that will occur or crush resistant toes that might happen. Sometimes regulation for safety are just not appropriate. Anyone who insists on enforcing the like is just an ass.

Seniors need special care. It is time that the City of Leduc take responsibility for the actions of their staff, not just follow regulations. They will just go away, silently, and not even bother to vote, as nobody listens anyway. Some of us are less silent, and difficult to silence. You can ignore, but is that your way. It is opinions motivate us, and therefore matter.

Does a little blog have an impact. I do not know. You be a judge of this review?

Next we move to the locker room.

But what do I know. Breath, smile, and enjoy what life has to offer. Dao.

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