Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Conflict of Intrest

When a salesman offers his product as the only and best choice in town, is he in a conflict of interest? No, he is a salesman of that product.

If that same salesman sits on an advisory board and recommends use of his produce? He is in conflict of interest. He is not acting as a salesmen but as an advisor.

So if RITZ suggest that you should buy their product, they are not in a conflict of interest, but if they recommend to a third party that you should use their product, they are. 

So no food salesmen, or food industry trained dietitian, or anyone paid by the food industry... should ever sit on an advisory panel. As the food industry funds the dietitian boards, are any of them independent?

There are two separate schools of thought on what is a proper diet, the ancestral diet group, and the modern diet group. Which one is right? No doubt in my mind. Modern 30% obese, another 40% overweight, Traditional diet, 1-3% obese and overweight.

But what do I know? Breath, smile and enjoy what life has to offer. Dao.

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