Thursday, November 14, 2013

Part 2 LRC storey.

In "the old days", winters, i used to walk in the arena, around the rink. It was good place to walk most mornings. Not a big volume of people around most days, except when something was going on. I could walk around by the locker rooms, or add a few stairs in the circuit. Stairs are great for us old people, they raise the heart rate and keep the legs strong, especially if I did the steps up two at a time and fairly slow. The stairs were nice, up at the south end, down on the next run, along above the penalty box,  then up and down to ice level, and a gentle walk around the ice surface. After an hour or so, I would say enough, and go home, work or whatever. Then they built the new facility. After the flat track showed it's weakness, I tried to go back to the old part, but the staff objected, and drove me out. It is doubtful if there is a reason beyond ego driven rules.

After the new facility, they started to charge. Oh well. But it was not senior friendly much. I missed the stairs, and looked for them. Several of us started to use the west fire stairs, block the door open if it was not open, and a few trips up and down, close the door, and do a few laps. This could work. But then someone stated to object, and the private equipment moved into the corner. Oh well, shit happens, development happens. I question running private businesses out of a public facility, but graft is everywhere. Development is not always progress. It frequently displaces the silent majority, and we sit by and silently take what ever government dishes out. No more. We can speak out. But do not expect much to happen.

Then the management allowed us to use the east stairwell for a while, and that was OK. The east well is a lot colder than the west was, but is OK if the door at the top is blocked open most of the time. But it is a fire exit, and should be closed when not in use. But then one of the staff started closing it, without checking if it was in use. I got locked in once, and I let others out quire a few times. The staff drove me off the use of those stairs.

Then they sighed that corner private, and "dependent erratic random variable" staff insisted on closing the door and locking people in. He seemed to enjoy locking people in, and seemed to enjoy it to much. It is not funny to see a old lady locked in and panicking. I knew that the bottom door opens out (no need to panic), as all good fire exits must, but never had to use it. I know a bit of a thumb latch and signage would resolve the issue, but no one wants to do anything. Also the private use corners that pisses me off. Staff act like it is their building, we are just allowed to use it sometimes.

Locking people into stairwells deliberately is just abuse of power, and an ego trip for the staffer. He knows who he is, as I do.  It is senior abuse, and drove several others out of using stairs. Perhaps fire stairs are not the best to use, but it is far less problem than public stairs. Oh well, they drove me out.

But there is more to come.
Perhaps the civic politics need a lampoon type person on them.

But what do I know. Smile, breath and enjoy the gong show. Dao.

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