Friday, August 11, 2017

When their culture is the problem

So what is our responsibility when it is their culture that is the problem. Islam is a delusion, as is the historical native way of life. Living those delusions condemns the people of those societies the problems that they have, and insures conflict with others of different delusions. Religions are delusions, cultures are largely delusions. What is not a delusion is real life, living reality. 

Trump-Un battle is about to start, and those two both need a taste of reality. Ideology is also delusion. As the Buddha said, the cause of all misery is delusion. It is not the things, but our thinking about those things.

So we humans are allowing those two people with grand delusions of their own self worth, to dictate the future; one of which is so deluded that he denigrates climate science. People and there activities are producing more carbon dioxide than the world is capable of dealing with; hence, Co2 concentration is rising. We are now doomed to severe climate change, polar ice melt, and similar issues. It is coming. The earth will survive, but will humanity?

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