Friday, August 18, 2017

It's All About Belief, Belief, Belief.

The science is quite clear, there is no physical god, and no physical evidence of one of any kind. Religion is all about belief in a god that does not exist. When we do not acknowledge that no god exists, but stick to a belief in one, the actions and cognitive function can be consistent. Reverse engineering of religion makes this quite clear. All religion is based on a falsehood, and as such is a form of fraud. Now, what moral high ground do they have? I do believe that the concept of gods exist, in the mine of believers. So there is a lot of belief in the "belief in god." But that does not change there is no god, no physical god.

Moral action is a basis base description of action. The word moral is a concept opposite to sin, that is religion based. It is a religion based term for right actions, right behavior, but is religion based. As an atheist, "moral" is just a concept, so to be atheist and to be moral is a UME, use meaning error, to miss use an English grammar term. It is our behavior that must be judged, yet not with religious based terms.

In Iceland almost all Down Syndrome fetuses are aborted, because there is a reliable test, and to test and appropriate action to be taken is the right thing to do. It is the society that must be accepted, and to bring a Down Syndrome child into life is a burden on the society. Now watch all the Christians get up about that. Religions like to reproduce and spread their fraud downstream to the next generations. It is a more sure spread that laterally, where reason can prevent the spread. We could eliminate a tremendous burden on the medical system by eliminating all nonviable children. It is a mater of defining what is right for our society.

There is more peace in homogeneous culture than in multiculturalism. Canada and the US are headed for ongoing strife, just like Israel, and now Europe. Africa is so badly overpopulated and starving. Oh well, the whole world is over populated when we use Co2 level as the indicator. The human population is in for a rough ride the next while. The earth will survive but will humans?         

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