Saturday, August 12, 2017

Quality Life for All

What is the ultimate objective? A quality life for all is the likely answer in general. This does not say government handouts, but gives the opportunity for effort, not money.

So we all have delusions, and it is not what happens that bothers us, but what we think about those things. Human misery is caused by our thinking. Now there are many people who just want to live quietly, not demanding great amount of support, just enough to live. That is not right while the the rest of us work to support the services that those who just wish to live draw on those services.

The only solution is for all to "just live a quiet life" and pile onto the system, until it breaks. We can demand medical services for every acne and pain, or we can get on living until we die. It does not matter, for in the end we all just die anyway.

It is tough to live around people who live in a delusional state, it is difficult to associate with them in any form. Of course that is all in our head, as it is not what they think that bothers us, but rather what we think about their beliefs. Ok, so they are ignorant of reality, and why should that bother me? I have been forced to learn and struggle all my life, alone, and these ignorant groups of my relatives live off each other, on historical family lands, and get by happily.

Here is one area that I do not agree with Richard Dawkins. Much if not all of the kinship bond is learned behavior in human, not genetic. Richard claims it is genetic for the animals, and it may be for animals, but I see no evidence for that among humans. There is no reason for humans to hang with kin that are dissimilar in attitudes, beliefs, values, or the like. Abusive and ignorant relatives can go fuck themselves.      

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