Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Personality like Trump

Personality like Trump?

Are there personalities similar? Should they both be just ignored? Twitter has become trump's flagpole. Rum something up it, and see if anyone salutes. Ignoring the bombastic trump is one option. 

And then once we realize that they are living in a delusion of personal grandeur, how should they be perceived? 

What is the proper greeting to those who insist that there is a god? There is no god man!!! Man, are you deluded. I need some of what you are smoking. I do not know.

Trump has divided the media into what he accepts and what he does not. So to him anything he does not want to here is fake news. It has nothing to do with reality, just his opinion of reality. And that is what the US has for a President. Oh well, they got the government that they elected. He was a vote for change, a vote for shake up, a vote for living in a world where the rose classes are always on, for a life of reality TV, where life is lived in a delusion.

Trump has removed any semblance of  the US being a great nation, and has turned the US into a flailing nation without a sound foundation and living a delusion of grandeur. Living the dream, like so many of us (you) do, but what do I know. There is no god, no absolute guide to right and wrong; however, that which most agree is wrong, is likely wrong. We are all equals.  

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