Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Climate Science

Climate Science makes several things clear; it is an iterative process of learning. Not only is it iterative, but it is step-wise. Too much population, using too much carbon has produce more carbon dioxide than the earth can handle, the co2 has effected the oceans turning them into acid, which the fish cannot live in; reducing the oceans capacity to absorb Co2, and we humans are screwed unless we get off carbon very soon. We are just through one more iteration. Changes need to be made for the next generations. Religions and political systems need to be replaced with big group values, and the like. The values must be frequently stated so that understanding for the efforts can be developed. It will be interesting time ahead.

As the Co2 rises, the climate warms, with the extreme storms, and rising seas. Food will become an issue, but so will other things, like clean water. We will need to store sufficient water for one year. Sky burial will become common. It is the most environmentally friendly. Or shallow, no formaldehyde, no box burial. No long term respect for the dead.    

Storage of energy will be the big thing soon. Refrigerators that freeze ice over daytime when power is available from solar arrays, and operate as ice boxes at night. Deep freezes that do likewise, but well enough insulated to remain cold all night. Gas for cooking and heat, short term. Perhaps daylight electric cooking, from solar arrays. Transportation, short distances... electric. Long distance trains, boats, all electric.

And most important, population control. The medical industry may need permission to provide services to any but the select groups. Life will not be worth much. Civilization will go into rapid decline. Communist, well socialism at least, will rise. It is going to become survival of the fittest, the richest, the political astute. Not a nice place at all. Oh, well, in the end we all just die anyway. We will be beyond reach, beyond caring. All this for not listening to the science soon enough.

Religion must be abandoned for reality based decision processes. It should be fun times ahead.       

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