Monday, January 30, 2017

What do Canadians Really Want?

Trudeau needs a answer to the question, What do Canadians Really Want? but at the same time there is an extreme range of strong and irrational beliefs on both sides. Muslims want to believe in a imaginary being, and live in an imaginary world by a set a of rules from the bronze age. Others want to live by a different set of imaginary rules of their own making that dramatically make Muslims there enemy. Both are wrong, and that is ok, since the gods each follow is only in their cultural collective mental image. Both sides are delusional. And standing between the end are the majority who just do not much care, as long as it does not effect them much.

In the US nearly half of the voting citizens elected a man who stated he would ban Muslims. That could be used to imply the dislike of Muslims is substantial in the US. Canada is not as anti Muslim, and we have more of them. The extreme Muslim haters took steps themselves to eliminate a few and themselves. Both are delusional, but that is their problem.

The real question is what is the most rational philosophy, and life style? Well it should be free of delusion, that is recognize that in realty there is not now nor ever was a supernatural being nor occurrences.  Gods reside only in the mind of a believer as a delusion, or collective delusion. Our behavior should be rational, as far as that is possible... given the emotions and instincts cannot always be overridden by rational actions. Those who are unable to override the emotions sufficiently should be locked away where they cannot harm others. Given that overriding emotions and instincts is learned behavior, those skills should be taught in schools so that all have the opportunity to learn these skills without a supernatural component to good behavior.

Closes should be selected based on rational principles, protection from weather, and not aimed at enticing attention. We are live in a herd/predator environment, and that is the current reality. It should not be but is.

So what am I saying? Trudeau has no idea what we Canadians want, only what he thinks we want. If he was to put such a question on a plebiscite, it would split the country with feelings running high on both sides, and there may be, like the US, nearly half the population against the immigration policy. Multicultural is a divisive policy; splintering all sides. For those  of us who are atheist thinking, we see that it is the religions and behavior that splits the races. It is not genes very often, but learned behaviors that cause problems. This knowledge has lead to many failed attempts at producing a uniform culture.

This is likely not going to help the upcoming human battle over resources. Clean air with reasonable levels of carbon dioxide being the first big issue that all humanity is going to have to unite on, if we humans are going to survive. The second will be voluntary population control. Oh well, it is not my fight, I am retired, and have no decedents. Aka, have no dog in the race.


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