Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Alternative Facts


to the other extreme


The NDP caucus stands against all forms of sexual harassment.” 
--- but that should really be all harassment but that would eliminate vial politics... 

The world has gone nuts. We have two extremes here. Have you ever worked around *Arabs, Muslims, in a mixed sex environments? Their typical attitude toward women needs sensitivity training to bring there awareness up to acceptable standards. It is often not intentional, but difference in cultural standards, and a lack of cross cultural training.   

* I do not know what the political correct term is for people from the middle east with the "women are property to be controlled " attitude. This is living up to the feminist idea of men in general, that we are all a bunch of controlling assholes.

All people should be given sensitivity training at the school level to provide them with some understanding of what is acceptable  and what is not. We have such a diverse mix of cultures in Canada.

Anyone who does not live up to Canadian Standards should be sent for sensitivity training, but first Canadian Standards must be defined.

But that brings us to the next point. What do I care about someone who cannot separate real from fiction as taught to him as a child?  Also known as... belief in a supernatural being or religion. Such concepts are just concepts, and as such must be evaluated or the real-to-fiction spectrum. It is like the obese dietitian, the smoking doctor, the drinking sobriety promoter, the abusive sensitivity trainer.  

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