Sunday, January 29, 2017

religion and politics

Religion and politics are going to destroy the world. These two collective groups are belief based, not fact and logic based. They have caused an over-populated the world, and are refusing to acknowledge the problem, or even to consider the overpopulation in decisions. The world needs to go to a state of carbon dioxide concentration stability as a guideline.

Deduction of fossil fuels would help, but we need to reduce the production of carbon dioxide, which means the reduction of burning, of carbon dioxide production, and/or carbon sequestering, much of which can be done in the soil, plant matter, and animals. Humans have developed in a state of growth of the human population, and this must be replaced with a stable population. A one child policy may be the fair way to maintain the gene pool depth. Abortion should be allowed without question, birth control should be encouraged, and reality embraced.

Embracing reality will be the most difficult thing, for that means abandoning religion and learning many new science sort of things. That means change, and to what?

Change is a process which has bean studied. The first difficulty is to define what we want to change and into what. The Ideal future us must be defined so that we can figure out what much be changed, how and why each component must be changed, and what that is going to require. To that end, I have started to really consider what changes I wish to make to myself, even though I am on the downside of life sliding through retirement to the inevitable demise.      

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