Friday, January 20, 2017

An important non-issue

But all this does not examine the uniformity of the system, but of the results. There are some issues that are not mathematically resolvable.

1. The system must have a consistent numbers of eligible voters, more or less. This cannot occur if it is first divided by provinces and territories, and then rounded to the nearest or upper whole riding's.

2. Riding's have changing populations.

3. The turnout will not be consistent between riding's.

4. Some riding's will have no or disliked candidates, negative or strategic voting, as there are no obvious choices.

5. No system can correct for strong regional feeling for one party. This produces a strong voting preference, which can substantial effect the number of voters and proportional results. 

Conclusion: no system can produce equal number of representative percent and popular vote percentage. Equal potential representative is as close to fair as we can come.    

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