Saturday, February 4, 2017

So called Trump

So the so called Trump, with alternative facts, and his typical overstatement of reality jetted off to Florida Friday. What a show you guys are producing! As we in Canada watch, and wait for the next round. Bets on assassination by a member of his own party are emerging. What a show! What a show! It's gonna be great, fabulous!

So now that his first executive order has be rejected in your federal court, what will the ring master do to retaliate? Threaten to cut the federal funding for the court? as he did with Berkeley? The so called President is a bully, with tactics of a third world dictator. Oh well, we in Canada can just watch the circus.  

1 comment:

  1. I'm SO glad you are enjoying the entertainment Fred 🙄
    It was amusing for me as well - last week I accompanied my husband to U.K. to help get his mother settled in hospice care... Most of his relatives were likewise up in arms about Herr Trump - while P shifted uncomfortably, I could shrug my shoulders w/out guilt & declare "Well **I** didn't vote for him!"