Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Organic computer short coming

Organic computer short coming of only negative conformation signaling is rather interesting and will generate random errors until the error is recognized as an error and cancelled. This produces random generation of odd signals, and is the foundation of imagination and creativity.

What am I on about? well any signal sent our can be positive, negative, or null/neutral/just missing. So a selfish neuron fires a signal down to a  hedonistic synapse, to another neuron's synapse, and hence to the next neuron. Now if and only if that neuron objects is a signal sent back. If the original signal is right, or partial, or not received, no confirmation signal is sent back. This would not do in computing for the error rate is to high, and much is not received nor understood. In a leaky first generation organic computer, this is as good as it gets, until a better method is adopted. Retained is a separate matter.

The advantage of this sort of communication is that it generates errors between neurons. But that is not an advantage!! It is if we value unclear thinking, imagination, parasite concepts that control behavior to the group standard (right or wrong standard not in question here). Well it worked well enough to get to this point, but now that we know this "error possibility" perhaps we need to implement a correction / check phase as to the correctness of all hypothesis we utilize?  Perhaps the next step is a parallel system, using the human to input, output, generate alternatives, and the computer to process and store data.

The necktop has errors, and we have taken up errors in our education. It is just that hypothesis that we have learned but some of the assumption hypothesis are also likely wrong. This is dangerous as without certainty, and hence confidence in our knowledge, we can become frozen in the decision process. Neither is correct, but all we can move all suspect hypotheses to a group of  X believes Y, but there is no logical proof. This is a logical thing to do, but others do no like "I will take that under advisement."

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