Monday, February 6, 2017

Beaumont RCMP are losing social support

Beaumont RCMP are losing social support. There ticketing is becoming excessive, and ridiculous. So the town changed an intersection from stop sign on one side to a four way stop. No Signal change warning. Just added to more stop signs. It was already 40km/hr each way already. Mind you there had been a accident there already, caused by a RCMP cruiser changing his mind, forcing a quick stop on ice behind for two vehicles which bumped.   So the next day two cruisers all day. Filling there unofficial quota. They have become "revenuers".

Then there is the friendly welder. He puts a piece of dunnage on his rig, jammed in between the mounts, and puts a bungee cord across. It is not going to go anywhere in the few blocks between the job site and home. Cop sees something and pulls him over. Then the cop sees another bungee cord that keeps a tank from rattling. 1500 dollars later....

Do you think anyone has respect for the RCMP in Beaumont? 

So on Feb 10, the town put us new signal sign on the south only. 

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