Saturday, February 11, 2017

Looking forward - Canada vs. USA

In looking forward, there are some obvious differences between Canada and the USA.

First, in the matter of health care, Canada has a total health care system which will keep all people alive. Cost is not an issue for the individual. So the the parents can be kept alive by their children until the machines are unplugged. Or if the senior wishes, they may end their own suffering. There is a danger however, of going beyond and losing control of making the choice. DNR medallion may be required to prevent extended suffering. Parents can, at little or no cost to themselves, have human pets, if they do not bear healthy children. This will bankrupt the government if something is not done soon (5-10 years). The natives are the second big drain on the government, from which the drain typically just grows as they reproduce.

The US, on the other hand, for those who cannot afford health insurance, have the right to die. End of. But the government is trying to say no abortions, no public birth control, by pushing their opinions of morality onto others. The richer can have health care as long as they can pay the premiums and fees.

Education is heading the same way, the wealthy will be educated on both sides of the border, but the Canadian education, at the public level, will be slightly better. The US will still have milder winter weather, but too hot and wild in the summer. Canada will be milder than it was but we will need good heat also.

Two in thirty five of Canadians go south for some of the winter, taking their CPAP machines and/or oxygen enricheners with them. These were among the top few percent of wage earners. When the health insurance becomes too much, they will stop going, but a new crop of snowbird will arrive.

The US has a Christian problem; the do as I say christian attitude, is causing problem between the atheist, agnostic, satanists, Islam and free radical groups. They are shutting down science with the likes of Ken Ham and his ilk, climate change deniers, and the like. It is not climate change that will get the human species, but the atmosphere contamination with CO2 and methane combined with population growth, and animals, energy desires and needs of modern societies.  Everyone is demanding more, and there are more people growing now. Population stabilization should be prompted, as well as reduction in the public support of nonviable unproductive humans.

The US is pushing oil, energy, and the likes, not doing anything to limit carbon dioxide. Alberta has capped several big producers and starting to encourage conservation, but nothing toward carbon sequestering. Active carbon sequestering, and carbon sequestering with a positive cash flow should be encouraged.

Canada has a first past the post electoral system and appointed Senate (upper house) with partisan biases. It has some issues, but the Judiciary is near independent. The US has a convoluted system that has not kept up with population changes and has an appointed executive arm where the implementation of law can be modified at will. Neither system is correct, but the Canadian system has disadvantages only for minor parties. The money should be remover from both systems. Both favor long term political types and the rich that can buy votes.    

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